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Do you want Invisalign from a dentist who doesn’t know your name?

invisible bracesWe have known for many decades now that the way that we feel about ourselves and our body can have a huge impact on the way that our body reacts to illness and stress. That is why sometimes a worry at work or at home can manifest in headaches, dizziness, or even stomach pain. Of course, this works both ways: if you have crooked teeth or terrible skin, then your confidence will become lower and lower, until you never want to go outside again. Getting teeth straightening Invisalign can not only improve your dental health, but have an impact on self esteem and emotional health.

Few medical professionals truly understand the complex interacts between our minds and our bodies, but Dr Vinograd has made it his mission to aid his patients in their total well being, rather than just concentrating blindly on their dental symptoms. For example, if a person came to Dr Vinograd complaining of tooth ache, he would not only examine their teeth, but ask them about their diet, their work life, and their general emotional health. It is only through this way of treating someone that you would discover that the patient is very stressed at work – and has been grinding their teeth. An invisalign patient will not only get straight teeth, but also have their aesthetic goals taken into consideration.

As you can see, it can only take a few clever questions to reveal the true source of a problem, but it is something that Dr Vinograd believes is very important. His priority is his patients, and he gains a huge amount of joy from seeing someone leave his practice with a truly happy smile on their face – something that they certainly did not arrive with. In fact, Dr Vinograd has stated that he is: “delighted to work at a job that allows him to assist in the well-being of people and develop special connections”. For Dr Vinograd, every patient has a name. Why would you want to talk to a dentist that does not take the time to get to know you?

For a Free Invisalign or general consultation with Dr. Vinograd, call (619) 630-7174.

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Do you want Invisalign from a dentist who doesn't know your name?, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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