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Meridian Tooth-Chart

Achieving Overall Health Through The Meridian Tooth Chart

The Meridian Tooth Chart or teeth diagram is a simple map of the correlation between the teeth in the mouth and the organs in the body. While it may seem outlandish to suggest that such a connection exists, Eastern medicine — including ancient Chinese medicine and other disciplines — has taught for centuries that a connection between the teeth and other parts of the body must surely exist.

So what connects up where? The chart tells the story. The front teeth are related to the kidneys, for example. The premolars have a connection with the stomach. And so it goes, as the chart indicates.

But is this connection really possible in the light of what we now understand about the human body? It a biological connection between the teeth and other parts of the body really possible? Understanding this connection requires an understanding of Chinese acupuncture and how it works its therapeutic magic for those who use it.

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Where The Meridian Tooth Chart Comes From

Chinese medicine places a great deal of attention on a universal life energy called chi, something spelled qi. This force is within every person — and all living creates, actually — and is understood to travel the body along pathways known as meridians. When chi energy flows freely and without restriction, all is well and good health is experienced. When chi becomes blocks, however, a person experiences illness, pain and other physical and emotional symptoms caused by the disruption.

These meridians of chi are like rivers. Rivers, of course, can flood — leading to disasters, short circuits and outages of all sorts. Acupuncture restores the flow of energy and, by doing so, restores normal body functioning. It does this by stimulating certain locations so that pent-up energy can be freed.

But what does all of this have to do with dentistry and the Meridian Tooth Chart? The tooth-organ chart associates every tooth in the mouth with an organ or organ system in the body. While holistic dentists and their patients may be skeptical of this idea at first, patient experiences soon prove its validity. The connection between oral health, meridians and overall health is clear and cannot be dismissed.

When a tooth is damaged by infection or another kind of trauma, disease or injury, an imbalance of chi energy develops in the body. A negative consequence for the organ connected with that tooth is often experienced, and overall wellness and health suffers.

Holistic Dental Practices Eliminate Imbalance Using The Tooth Chart

Biological dentistry is perhaps at its most effective and life-changing when it eliminates imbalances within the body of patients and reprograms them so that the mouth can come into a state of balance as it should be. Proof is overwhelming and irrefutable that digestive issues, headaches, joint pain, sinus infections and fatigue issues can correct themselves when dental problems are addressed correctly. Even heart palpitations can correct themselves spontaneously when biological dentistry is used to treat dental problems.

Metal fillings in the mouth — so-called silver filling which are really 50 percent toxic mercury — can cause disruptions of chi energy by generating electricity in the mouth. This energy travels along the body’s nerves, interfering with the natural energy and overloading the body. The result is swelling, pain and deterioration of organs and other tissues.

A sensible biological dentist with a clear understanding of how teeth and the rest of the body are connected can often see that the mouth is the cause of many symptoms in patients and can then generate cures for systemic issues that are beyond the fathoming of other kinds of healthcare professionals. For patients who cannot get an accurate diagnosis or proper treatment, biological dentistry can be the answer for overall health.

Put another way, a bad tooth disrupts the life force and changes the overall state of health of the whole body. Which tooth is damaged determines what systems of the body are negatively impacted, as the Meridian Tooth Chart shows. That means that people with problems involving the stomach, liver, kidneys or breasts, for example, who can’t figure out the root of the issue should look to their mouths for answers.

Solving teeth problems positively impacts overall health in many ways and contributes to the better life. The Meridian Tooth Chart is one tool that indicates how to best treat a patient so that specific issues are solved and overall health is achieved.

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