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Silver Fillings And Root Canals Among Top Concerns For Holistic Dentist Patients

A holistic dentist is an excellent choice for a modern, clear-thinking person who asks questions of their healthcare professionals and takes an active role in advocating for their own health. Still, not all answers related to holistic health and dentistry are clear, according to a recent lecture on the topic given to students at the University of California San Diego by holistic dentist Dr. Daniel Vinograd.

Perhaps the two most common questions asked of a holistic dentist involve the safety of dental amalgam and the safety and effectiveness of root canals.

While there’s no doubt that dental amalgam works, it also contains 50 percent mercury, a substance the U.S. government and many other important bodies around the world have called unsafe. Yet many dentists still install mercury-containing silver fillings in their patients’ mouths.

Replacing amalgam with composite is the holistic dental way, and composites are much safer. But some contain additives that aren’t perfect. Still, a good solution with a minor problem is better than one that contains a proven harmful substance.

Where root canals are concerned, the waters are even muddier, as Dr. Vinograd explained in his lecture.

A root canal is often an imperfect solution for a failing tooth, but installing a bridge to replace a missing tooth damages nearby teeth. In many cases, an implant is the best solution, although those aren’t perfect in every case.

And then, of course, is the matter of treating gum disease. How can it best be treated without invasive treatments, antibiotics and toxic chemicals?

The bottom line is that holistic dentistry is thoughtful dentistry for thoughtful patients. For people who like to analyze their health and do what it takes to avoid making decisions that are detrimental to their well-being, the modern trend toward holistic dentistry is a smart one.

– Dr. Daniel Vinograd (Top 3 SDDA Dentist – see more about the San Diego Dentist Association)

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Silver Fillings And Root Canals Among Top Concerns For Holistic Dentist Patients, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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