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Preventing Gum Disease With Ozone

Steer Clear of Periodontal Disease Using Ozonated Water

gum disease organ connection diagramGum disease is more prevalent in America than many people imagine. But there are things that can be done.

When gums are in good health, there isn’t much space between teeth and gums. When they’re in poor health, however, deep pockets develop around teeth where bacteria can hide. The anaerobic bacteria that grow in these pockets are the same organisms that can cause heart disease.

Just as bad, some periodontal bacteria is also found in patients with pancreatic cancer, according to research.

Gum Disease Linked To Other Organs

There are many statistics and a lot of research that links periodontal disease to other organs, but it is impossible to say for certain that this link exists because there are authoritative organizations that make claims to the contrary. It could take decades to discover the real story, but there’s no reason anyone should wait before taking positive action. Reduce anaerobic bacteria in the mouth now and avoid gum disease altogether.

Many different steps can be taken to stop or prevent periodontal disease. And some of them are things most people have never heard of. Perhaps surprisingly, dentists do not always tell their patients about important ways they can protect themselves from periodontal disease. Perhaps 95 of 100 patients do not get instructions about how to brush their GUMS properly — and that single act is extremely important.

These are the steps Dr. Vinograd recommends to all his patients:

  1. Use plain water or a homemade toothpaste along with a soft-bristled brush.
  2. Brush into the gums to get all bacteria from pockets.
  3. Apply toothpaste and then brush teeth separately.
  4. Finish the process with dental floss to get into the gaps where the brush cannot.

Traditional Periodontal Disease Prevention Methods

When a patient gets in the situation of having periodontal disease, that means that deep pockets between teeth and gums exists — pockets 5 to 8 millimeters deep. Dentists can do a deep scaling procedure to prevent and help treat gum disease. This helps to remove the bacteria, but it only helps temporarily. Many patients have this procedure done once or twice a year but take no preventative actions at home.

Dentists sometimes also perform gum surgery to trim the gums back, another way of treating periodontal disease. This procedure, however, exposes a part of the teeth that isn’t usually exposed and can create a sensitivity issue. It does a good job of getting at bacteria, but it isn’t a very pleasant option.

There are other options that are better. When patients take the right actions at home, dental procedures like these can be avoided.

An Ozone Machine Can Prevent Periodontal Disease

ozone gum disease prevention unitAn ozone or O3 machine is used to add more oxygen to water. Anaerobic bacteria die in the presence of oxygen, so getting more oxygen into your mouth reduces bacteria. But it’s hard to get ozonated water into the gaps between and deep pockets around teeth.

The following steps make it easier:

  1. Purchase a water pick. While learning to use one properly can take two weeks or more, it is worth the effort.
  2. Get a 1000 mgh ozone machine too. This kind of machine can create irritation if just air is used, but it’s completely safe and effective at killing bacteria when used with water.
  3. Use the ozone machine in a well-ventilated area, making sure your machine has a Corona discharge.
  4. Make sure you have enough power for quick results. The 1000 mg per hour models are best and can oxygenate enough water for cleaning your teeth and gums in 15 minutes. Lower power models could take hours.

While ozone machines were once very expensive, prices have come down dramatically. Once costing into the thousands, prices are much less today. And they’re worth the cost because deep pockets can be reduced by up to 2 millimeters. That may not sound significant, but it’s a great improvement. Smaller pockets make all methods of cleaning and treatment easier and more effective.

Choose The Ozonizer

Many sites online promote periodontal disease prevention machines. The machine Dr. Vinograd confidently recommends and prefers for his personal use is available for sale on his son’s website here:
ozonizing waterpik resevoirYou will also need a water irrigation device like a Waterpik. These are quite affordable and you can get one with or without an attached container. Forget about travel models if possible and choose one with a container. The perfect device for use with ozonated water needs a reservoir. To use a Waterpik properly:

  • stick to the middle pressure setting since high pressure can actually open pockets up and make them deeper but medium cleans without causing damage.
  • don’t wait until you already have gum disease but start immediately, getting rid of periodontal disease and the bacteria that causes it before it causes you a world of problems.
  • use the device even if pockets are small because every little bit of improvement makes your life better.

Always Consult A Dentist

Ozone machines and Waterpiks do not substitute for regular dental visits. The only way to be sure bacteria are being successfully removed is to have an assessment by a dentist before and during treatment. For most people, dental exams are necessary twice a year.

A dentist can examine the whole mouth, looking for periodontal disease as well as tooth decay and other oral health issues. Just be sure the dental health professional chosen is one who takes periodontal disease seriously. Caring for gums takes some careful attention to detail, but it is one of the most important things a person can do to impact his or her overall health.

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