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Archive for July, 2014

Health Leadership P11

This is what the government’s asking patients. I can’t get her to lie. I can’t, whenever she leaves the hospital, slip her a hundred dollar bill and say, “Lie.” You know, I can’t do that. I can’t say “Make this stuff up.” Now, why are they doing that? Do you have any idea why they […]


Health Leadership P10

And the third time we will help you find work, and so ten percent of the people that wouldn’t take their shoe off were helped to find work at the neighboring hospitals, and I called them for Windber the gift that just keeps on giving because they’re being mean and nasty at the other hospitals, […]


Health Leadership P9

Well, you know, we can poo poo that because we’re from Western science, but they’ve been doing it for like five thousand years in China. I saw a video tape where a guy had open heart surgery without anesthesia. No anesthesia, open heart surgery where you cut your chest open with a saw and spread […]


Health Leadership P8

Does anybody know what they are? What are trans fats? Does anybody know? They are manufactured. They are genetically manufactured. They are changed – I don’t know about genetically, but chemically changed, altered, to increase the shelf life of food. So as a manufacturer, if you make bread, it will last longer if you use […]


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