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Dr Daniel Vinograd: Holistic Dentist, San Diego

holistic practicesI’m pleased and proud to be an experienced and respected holistic dentist with a three-decade record of advocating the healthy life for all my patients and friends. The natural order has inspired me to develop the following lifestyle guidance principles that I follow and recommend to my patients:
  • Choosing the least processed and least ‘messed-with’ foods available each time I shop. I also incorporate homemade vegetable juices, cultured foods like kambucha and kefir, pickled food and high-quality protein into my diet.
  • Taking an active role in my health by staying informed and questioning every medical or dental procedure recommended to me by my health care professionals.
  • Choosing the most biocompatible dental materials when possible, meaning those that are non-toxic and with as little metal as possible.
  • Using ozone-infused water in my home dental care program as a way to help maintain good oral health.
  • Spreading the word about the close links between systemic health and dental health, particularly where heart disease is concerned.
  • Promoting strong mental and spiritual health through meditation, yoga and other spiritual disciplines and experiences.

In My Practice - As A Biological Dentist

Dentistry isn’t something separate from overall health; it’s part of it. Overall systemic health, emotional wellbeing and other parts of being a healthy human must be embraced along with dental health. It’s quite common for patients to leave my office with health tips, including, for example: The benefits of coconut water, the benefits of using ozonated water as part of their oral health programs and more -- even a hug sometimes. I greatly value the relationship, and connection I have with each of my patients.

Daily, I feel blessed to have the opportunity to work doing what I love: improving the wellbeing of others. I know that most people have a fear of dentistry and the pain they perceive coming with it too. But I ask patients to put aside old fears and establish a relationship with me based on trust. My commitment to dental excellence includes a commitment to always take the extra time and effort (including staying current with the lastest equipment) for painless dentistry. As an example, in my practice we use a special low speed handpiece (in place of a drill) - although they take much longer, the low speed prevents excess heat, which is often the only cause of pain in a traditional filling.

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My World Outside Of Biological Dentistry

When I’m not working to help patients, I get a lot of pleasure from my three children, four grandchildren as well as the rest of my family. I also enjoy the fresh vegetables I can get from my garden year round here in San Diego. Plus, I have a tilapia farming eco-system and make my own kambucha, among other things. I like coaching soccer, teaching at the USC dental school and learning even more about holistic healing. I also enjoy the rewards of volunteering and founded a non-profit organization that brings biological dentistry to the underserved populations of the Americas.

I have a strong fascination with eastern medicine and how it can compliment the western style of health care. This included traditional Chinese medicine as well as Ayurvedic, homeopathic and macrobiotic approaches. I practice yoga and meditation daily and believing in exercise, using a sauna, and taking massage as part of my physical and emotional health program. My overall goal is to plant seeds in life that grow into great things for myself and for others.

Oral Health Commentary From Mercury Free Dentist, Dr. Vinograd

The way those of us involved in biological dentistry view the health-promoting lifestyle changed significantly after research conducted in the early twentieth century by fellow biological dentist Dr. Weston Price. Many tribal populations were in better health than their so-called civilized counterparts, Price observed, and he wanted to know why. He used their oral health as an indicator of overall wellbeing.

His observations first led him to the understanding that sugar negatively contributes to health and wellbeing in modern culture. He also observed that the more supposedly ‘evolved’ people are, the more lifestyle and dietary differences generate diminished health. He also established that dental health is a solid indicator of the overall health of a person, preparing the stage for today’s idea and understanding that oral health and general health are intertwined.

An epidemic of tuberculosis at the time of Price’s research validated for him the connection between systemic health and oral health. Children infected with TB almost always had rampant tooth decay.

The Development Of Holistic Dentistry

biological dental symbol Holistic dentistry -- also called mercury free dentistry, homeopathic dentistry, biocompatible dentistry, biological dentistry or natural dentistry -- is founded on the ideas first researched by Dr. Price. Oral health and overall health are one thing.

Recurring dental and mouth problems like sensitive teeth and bleeding gums can be the result of poor nutrition or imbalances of hormones or enzymes. In the same way, bad oral health can negatively impact the functioning of some systems and organs in the body. Research, for example, has clearly shown that the pathogens that are found in an unhealthy mouth are also found in unhealthy organs like the pancreas and even the heart.

A Truly Balanced Diet

Native diets are usually made up of grain staples and whatever seasonal produce is available. When natives consume milk and other dairy products, they aren’t pasteurized. Plus, there are often fermented foods in the diet. These are all things Price found in his research.

They also don’t have processed sugar in native diets. Their only carbs are those that occur naturally in honey, fruits and veggies. And in those native diets, most foods are raw, something that’s often missing from the modern diet. The native lifestyle also emphasizes a closeness with nature and strenuous physical exercise by necessity. That is a major contributor to the increased health of native people and compliments their diets.

Senseless Use Of Heavy Metals

splattered mercury For a conventional dentist, a filling or replacement is the iconic procedure; it’s what they do most. But the commonly used filling material for teeth, called amalgam, is made up largely of mercury, one of the most toxic (the 3rd most according to the CDC) elements on the planet. How does that really make sense?

Biocompatible dentists shun this harmful material in all their dental procedures, choosing instead to go with non-metallic composite materials and restorations made of porcelain and ceramic when fillings, crowns or other restorations are needed. This is the reason that Biological Dentists are often referred to as Mercury Free Dentists.

They also encourage their patients to undergo detoxification protocols. Dr. Vinograd himself helped develop the Bodypure detox foot pads for himself and his patients.

Treating Fearful, Anxious Patients

international society of dental anxiety management Because I’m a holistic dentist, my patients mental state is very important to me. The increased adrenaline levels associated with anxious patients can have as much detrimental effect on a patient as using a toxic material.

By using painless techniques, hypnosis, homeopathy and making reassurances, a patient can and should remain completely at ease even during the most complex procedures. You see, maintain the mental health and peace of mind of a patient is just as important as the dental work itself.

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