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2014 Free Teeth Cleanings – Gum Disease Awareness Week

“Along with non-toxic dentistry, and helping fearful patients, the awareness and prevention of Gum Disease is a priority in our practice. We invite you to sign up for a free cleaning during our awareness week.” – Dr. Daniel Vinograd, DDS To schedule your free cleaning in our San Diego office, call (619) 550-4904

Preventing Gum Disease With Ozone

Steer Clear of Periodontal Disease Using Ozonated Water Gum disease is more prevalent in America than many people imagine. But there are things that can be done. When gums are in good health, there isn’t much space between teeth and gums. When they’re in poor health, however, deep pockets develop around teeth where bacteria can […]

The Lower Denture Nightmare

Hello, this is Dr. Daniel Vinograd, biological dentist in San Diego, California. Today, I’d like to speak about something that’s dear to my heart. I’ve been practicing dentistry for over 30 years and there are a lot of pains in my work that give me great satisfaction. I’m very blessed that I can say that […]

The Essentials Of Teeth Cleaning

Sometimes called by the scary sounding name dental prophylaxis, a teeth cleaning is a preventative measure that can reduce the likelihood of gum disease and sometimes partially treat disease that has already taken hold. During a teeth cleaning, mineralized plaque called tartar or calculus is removed. Even people with very careful oral health care routines […]

Biological Root Canals

There is a great deal of controversy and concern surrounding root canals and I get messages from people all around the world telling me that their dentist is recommending against a root canal and that I support the procedure, and asking me to help them decide what to do. Let me start by saying that […]

Holistic Dental Lecture Transcribed (Part 2)

So these are some of the basics that you guys should really keep in mind when you go visit your dentist. First of all, that you want a rubber dam for the debris not to be ingested, and you want oxygen to, you know, prevent you from breathing any of it, the gases, the power. […]

Silver Fillings And Root Canals Among Top Concerns For Holistic Dentist Patients

A holistic dentist is an excellent choice for a modern, clear-thinking person who asks questions of their healthcare professionals and takes an active role in advocating for their own health. Still, not all answers related to holistic health and dentistry are clear, according to a recent lecture on the topic given to students at the […]

Latest Lecture @ The Gerson Institute

Dr. Vinograd’s latest lecture covering gum disease prevention with ozone, biocompatible dental materials, the controversy surrounding root canals, the oral – body connection, and mercury / amalgam fillings.

About Holistic Dentist, Dr. Daniel Vinograd

EDUCATION AND DEGREES (DDS) Doctor of Dental Surgery- the University of Southern California in 1978 Bilingual Secondary Education Teaching Credential from San Diego State University in 1992 PROFESSIONAL AND VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE Serving dental patients as a D.D.S. since 1978. Advocate for mercury-free and biological, holistic dentistry since 1980. Associate instructor in prosthodontics for USC since […]

Homeopathic Support For Dental Surgery

Homeopathic approaches to healing have been in practice worldwide for centuries, under various names. Different cultures employ different local herbs and plants, but the purpose and intent is the same- natural healing. various plants native to different continents are used in each culture’s traditional recipes, and a lot of people gain benefit from the treatments […]

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