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Biological Root Canals

There is a great deal of controversy and concern surrounding root canals and I get messages from people all around the world telling me that their dentist is recommending against a root canal and that I support the procedure, and asking me to help them decide what to do. Let me start by saying that […]

Health Leadership P7

See the video: Any of you ever get a chance to look into a big time microscope? Like, a really good one, not necessarily like what we had in high school labs, but like an electron microscope or anything like that? If you look into a really good microscope and you put a drop of […]

Health Leadership P4

You know, you say to your mom, “Hey, I want to go for my master’s degree.” She goes, “Are you kidding me? You couldn’t even pass math in junior high school.” Whatever it is, we have that stuff that tags us, that tears at us. We have the ability to get there. I remember walking […]

Restoring A Chipped Tooth

Cracked Tooth Restoration Is Possible It has happened to far too many people. When eating something hard — perhaps a piece of candy or one of those crusty sandwiches that are so popular today — there’s a sudden and sickening realization that something isn’t right. A piece of tooth has broken off and is mixed […]

Patch Adams: Holistic Healing P2

Now, where in human society is there a mandate to be loving? And certainly the loudest in history has come from the religions. What is Christ’s message? Get off your butt and love people. It’s maybe not exactly that quote, but postmodern Christ. And Buddha? You know, be compassionate. The highest calling of your god, […]

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