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All Dental Crowns Are Not Created Equal

Crowns are a very common dental procedure, but not all crowns are created equal. There are a number of important variables to consider in choosing your crown. The cost of the crown is most impacted by the quality of the materials in it, so it makes sense to have the best crown installed that you […]

Implant Supported Dentures – The Answer to Denture Pain

An amazing and economical procedure that can be completed in the dentist’s office in less than an hour can put an end to denture issues once and for all. Brighton’s Implant Supported Dentures could be just the thing for your denture problems. Dentures makes a positive impact on your quality of life, of course, but […]

About Holistic Dentist, Dr. Daniel Vinograd

EDUCATION AND DEGREES (DDS) Doctor of Dental Surgery- the University of Southern California in 1978 Bilingual Secondary Education Teaching Credential from San Diego State University in 1992 PROFESSIONAL AND VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE Serving dental patients as a D.D.S. since 1978. Advocate for mercury-free and biological, holistic dentistry since 1980. Associate instructor in prosthodontics for USC since […]

Patch Adams: Holistic Healing P4

So what does one do? I’m a nonviolent person. I will not defend my family, so I have nothing but ideas and example as a way of addressing that. I can’t rise up. I recently saw this [inaudible] movie, Steven [inaudible] film on [inaudible], almost five hours film. And you know, [inaudible] had a very […]

Patch Adams: Holistic Healing

see the video here: Male: Patch Adams. Patch: Thank you. So many clowns. Maybe we should just go out and clown in Mexico City. Great. Buenos noches. I must use the few words of Spanish that I know, so I can say something. Thank you for coming. I see a lot of new faces […]

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