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Understanding Your Dental Crown Material Choices

A dental crown is a type of dental restoration that completely covers up and protects the remnants of a tooth or dental implant post. Such a restoration is necessary and recommended when a big cavity destroys a large part of a tooth and leaves it where it could easily fracture if it was filled instead. […]

All Dental Crowns Are Not Created Equal

Crowns are a very common dental procedure, but not all crowns are created equal. There are a number of important variables to consider in choosing your crown. The cost of the crown is most impacted by the quality of the materials in it, so it makes sense to have the best crown installed that you […]

3D Intraoral Scanner Offers Improved Dental Impressions

The Carestream CS 3500 intraoral scanner offers a simpler and faster way to obtain impressions that can be used to make more accurate dental restorations than traditional methods. The CS 3500 is a handheld device that connects to our existing computers using a standard USB cable.  It uses no messy powders or other uncomfortable impression […]

Not All Dental Implants Are The Same

Dental implants have changed the way in which dentistry is practiced today. Although implants are not for everyone, once evaluated if you are a candidate, it can provide a highly reliable restoration. The two most important considerations for implant placement are: General Health and sufficient thickness and length of available bone. If it is determined […]

Holistic Dental Lecture Transcribed (Part 4)

Female: What happens to the roots of good teeth when they’re ground down for a bridge? Daniel: Actually, you don’t grind the roots at all. Let me see if I can find, here, something that I could use to… Yeah. So, this is a good example. So the roots would be down below here, and […]

Holistic Dental Lecture Transcribed (Part 3)

So one of my heroes, Weston Price, which maybe some of you know of, was a dentist, but he was one of the first dentists that was just really looking at the whole picture. He was saying, “Let’s look at nutrition. Let’s look at the effects of what we’re doing on people’s bodies,” and so […]

Dentures vs Implants

The most basic definition of a denture is basically just two pieces of plastic or other material used in place of teeth used to grind and mash food.  A bit simplistic and outdated, but for someone without teeth, it’s better than nothing at all… or subsisting on a liquid and soft foods diet. Better than […]

Holistic Dental Lecture Transcribed (Part 2)

So these are some of the basics that you guys should really keep in mind when you go visit your dentist. First of all, that you want a rubber dam for the debris not to be ingested, and you want oxygen to, you know, prevent you from breathing any of it, the gases, the power. […]

Holistic Dental Lecture Transcribed (Part 1)

Female: We have very special guests for you today. A lot of times, especially in the natural health community, conventional dentists don’t get a very good rep. And in many instances, it’s for very, very good reason, that they deserve it, exactly. But we have one of the good ones here today who is not […]

Restoring A Chipped Tooth

Cracked Tooth Restoration Is Possible It has happened to far too many people. When eating something hard — perhaps a piece of candy or one of those crusty sandwiches that are so popular today — there’s a sudden and sickening realization that something isn’t right. A piece of tooth has broken off and is mixed […]

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