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Homeopathy at your dentist

Homeopathic pillsThe further that we develop scientific and medical ideas, the more we seem to keep coming back to the ancient knowledge that has been handed down from generation to generation. The Ancient Greeks, the Ancient Egyptians, the Ancient Romans – even the Ancient Mayans – they all had a huge amount of knowledge about the human body and how it worked. Of course, we would certainly not get rid of some of the modern knowledge that we have gained, nor the modern tools, but there are certain facts that doctors and dentists seem to have forgotten that our ancient ancestors knew as common knowledge. Thankfully this information has been retained by homeopathy, and it is now becoming more and more common for dentists to receive some homeopathy training so that they can pass on these benefits to their patients.

For example, there are many different parts of a dentist’s work that homeopathic treatments can aid in. Chamomilla is perfect for teething babies because it helps them to fall asleep. Often one of the underlying causes a teething baby cries is because they are exhausted – but Chamomilla ensures that they get a good night’s rest. Chamomilla can also be taken by adults who want to lose the feeling of numbness that they experience after a dental operation. Causticum is a brilliant homeopathic remedy that is becoming more and more popular with dentists because it will relieve any soreness or tension in a person’s jaw if they have had to keep it open very wide for a dental appointment or oral surgery.

As you can see, medical knowledge seems to have come full circle, and it is now possible to gain so much more from your dentist appointment. Talk to your dentist now about how homeopathy can help you at your next appointment.

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