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Enjoy A Dental Spa Experience Instead Of A Traditional Dentist’s Office

Pink chrysanthemum flowers with candlesFor decades now, dentists have been working to find ways of making the dentist’s office experience more appealing while also meeting some of the additional needs of dental patients. Today, dentists around the nation and across the world are providing relaxing and welcoming environments for their patients that include pampering, aromatherapy for relaxation, day spa service, cosmetic dental services and more.

Could a dental spa be the alternative to the traditional dentist’s office that you’ve been looking for?

Patients Get More

Spa services that dental clinics offer vary widely, and some dental day spas may focus more tightly on cosmetic dentistry than others. Since dentists are independent businesspeople, they can make their own decisions about what to offer.

Some spa-like services you may find at a dental office include:
– aromatherapy for relaxation
– massage therapy
– teeth whitening
– warming hand mitts
– comforting neck pillows
– free beverages and snacks
– headphones for listening to music
– televisions to distract during treatment
– reflexology
– and more.

Some practices now even offer email access and a way to surf the Internet while you wait.

Dental Spas Come Highly Recommended

Stress reduction techniques are usually among the services offered by dental day spas, and the American Dental Association actually recommends that dental offices use techniques to reduce stress for those with heart conditions or a tendency toward anxiety.

Spa services also provide another important benefit: they help dental offices attract in patients for their necessary treatments who might not otherwise come to a dental office willingly. Plus, relaxed patients are less likely to be injured during treatment and can be easier for a dentist to work with — and this increases the quality of the treatments.

Also, dental spa services for relaxation can provide a drug-free alternative for some patients who have required sedation dentistry in the past because of apprehension regarding dental treatment. Tranquilizers, anti-anxiety drugs and laughing gas may not be necessary when patients are able to relax before and during treatment with aromatherapy and other spa-like relaxation techniques.

The Connection To Cosmetic Dentistry

Many traditional spas offer teeth whitening services and other services aimed at improving the look of a patient, like facials and microdermabrasion. It makes sense that cosmetic dentists would embrace the idea of dental spas because they also focus on improving the look and personal image of a patient. It may be possible for patients to get smile makeovers along with facials and other related services at a dental spa.

Some dentists are learning procedures like cosmetic and therapeutic Botox and also adding skin specialists to their staffs to better address the overall needs of clients. Just remember to follow the ADA’s recommendation that things like collagen injections, acupuncture, reflexology, Botox and laser skincare be performed by licensed professionals and always in accordance with state and local regulations.

Some dental spas also have massage therapists who can help with real disorders, like the pain from TMD and headaches. These massage therapists may work on the jaw, neck, face and shoulders during and following treatment, either for an additional fee or as part of the treatment price offered by the dentist.

What’s for sure no matter what kind of dental spa you visit is that yesterday’s sterile and impersonal waiting rooms are being replaced with elegantly furnished and relaxing rooms that have oil paintings, fireplaces and refreshment centers. The bathrooms of yesterday now have fresh-cut flowers, sample beauty products and maybe even shoeshine machines.

Scrubs are being replaced by tasteful outfits, first names are being used more often and some dental spas even offer robes and slippers to protect street clothes.

Participate In The Dental Spa Revolution

Spa-like treatments are now becoming a part of everyday life, so you can expect some dental spa services like aromatherapy and teeth whitening to be available at your favorite dental office right now. The first dental spa opened in 1986, it’s believed, and the idea has caught on considerably since those early days. For a decade or more, things have been changing by leaps and bounds at dental offices everywhere.

Isn’t it time you visited a modern dental office that functions as a dental spa?

Even hospitals, health clubs and resorts are closing the gap between the spa and the medical facility, so it make sense that dentists are getting on board as well. Dentists may have first offered spa services as a way to get a competitive advantage, but now it’s simply a way of doing business.

Expect a variety of non-dental services from many dental offices these days, and ask about services that vary from hypnosis to pain management and from cosmetic dentistry to cosmetic samples. Since the term dental spa has no specific definition, there’s no such thing as the ultimate dental spa.

The key is to choose a facility that offers the services that means the most to you in a way you enjoy, at a price you can live with and in an environment that matches your needs and style. When you do that, you can be more satisfied with your dental office visit than you ever imagined.

That means you’ll get the best services and the dental office staff will be able to do their very best for you. If you think of cold, uncaring people in an equally uninviting atmosphere when you think about a dental office, you’re behind the times now.

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