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All Dental Crowns Are Not Created Equal

dental crow caricatureCrowns are a very common dental procedure, but not all crowns are created equal. There are a number of important variables to consider in choosing your crown. The cost of the crown is most impacted by the quality of the materials in it, so it makes sense to have the best crown installed that you can afford in most cases. In addition, a crown is made by a dental technician — an artisan, really — and the quality of the work is important.

Working together, your dentist and a dental technician can make a final product that you find satisfactory and that completely restores normal function.

The Artistry Of A Crown

Crowns made from the highest quality porcelain cost more than lower-quality restorations. The best crowns may have gold for added strength. But the artistry and expertise of the technician contributes most to the lifelike appearance of your dental crown. Some crowns are plain and white while others are translucent tooth replicas that look just like a natural tooth. The better a crown looks, the more it will probably cost you. If you want a top quality crown, your job may be sent to a different technician than if you want something less expensive.

You also have personal choices to make regarding the look of your crown. For example, you can have input on the crown color, but you need to voice your concerns or comments before the crown is made. If you’re concerned with the finished product, you should object before the product is cemented permanently into place.

In the case of dental crown, some subjectivity is involved, and beauty is always in the eye of the patient.

Provisional Crowns Can Help

In some cases, a provisional crown may be suggested by the dentist. This temporary crown can allow you to see what your permanent dental crown will look like so you can determine if it blends well with your smile. You can also determine if normal eating and talking are possible with a crown of that size and shape. Once you’ve approved the design, a permanent crown can be made of more stable and longer-lasting quality.

While a provisional crown involves extra cost, it can be an important tool for determining exactly how you want your finished smile to look after its permanent restoration.

No matter the decisions you make, every crown placed in your mouth by any dentist should be adequate to restore natural function. Exactly what you get, however, is largely impacted by your tastes, your dental insurance and any limitations that the practice may have.

As is often the case in dentistry, choosing a quality dentist with a strong reputation makes it likely that you’ll get the good result you desire at an affordable cost. When you contact the dentist, be sure to ask questions like how much your crown will cost — and ask for photos to prove the quality of past work.

As the patient and the client, you have a right to the very best.

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