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Holistic Health & Nutrigenomic Profiling P2

­­­­­Okay so we’ve  talked about before that viruses and bacteria are two types of microbes you can have in your system.  And both of them can create a situation where you’re retaining metals in the body. Now focusing first on the bacterial issue in part three of this talk today we’ll talk about virus. Where […]


Holistic Health & Nutrigenomic Profiling

see the video at: My name is Jenny Kaylas and I’m a parent just like many of you.  I have two children.   My nine-year-old son was diagnosed with autism in 2004; and while his younger sister never received a formal diagnosis, we knew very well that she had many characteristics of autism as well.  I […]


Health Leadership P13

My speaking tour was at plain tree hospitals or designated hospitals and it’s a constant challenge because you’re always going to get you really need a certain doctor and he has all the qualifications and she has all the qualifications, but there are good reason why some animals eat their young, and you’re always going […]


Health Leadership P12

You saw my title was international director, so I’m working for this little five million dollar company made up of twenty accountants where life is black and life is white, and here I am, Mr. Lala Land, and they say, “Well, we don’t know what title to give you. What do you want for a […]


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