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Health Leadership P2

And it’s like, why does it have to be that way? Why do they give you outfits where your butt sticks out? Why do they do things where it’s parent to child, where they’re talking down? And so I went to this board, and I said, “Alright, I want to make a change.” Now, the […]


Study Shows Periodontal Disease Can Affect Newborn’s Health

Once believed to be a sterile part of the uterine environment, the placenta actually contains a multitude of bacteria that may impact pregnancy and influence an infant’s health via the bacterial structure of the gut, according to the results of a new study. This research is one part of a wider scientific attempt to investigate […]


Health Leadership

watch the video at Good morning everybody. I always like to start off with a few stories. Some of you may or may not know, but I was a teacher, and I started out, I have a master’s degree in trumpet and played professionally for about twenty years, but taught for ten years. I […]


Not All Dental Implants Are The Same

Dental implants have changed the way in which dentistry is practiced today. Although implants are not for everyone, once evaluated if you are a candidate, it can provide a highly reliable restoration. The two most important considerations for implant placement are: General Health and sufficient thickness and length of available bone. If it is determined […]


Holistic Dental Lecture Transcribed (Part 4)

Female: What happens to the roots of good teeth when they’re ground down for a bridge? Daniel: Actually, you don’t grind the roots at all. Let me see if I can find, here, something that I could use to… Yeah. So, this is a good example. So the roots would be down below here, and […]


Holistic Dental Lecture Transcribed (Part 3)

So one of my heroes, Weston Price, which maybe some of you know of, was a dentist, but he was one of the first dentists that was just really looking at the whole picture. He was saying, “Let’s look at nutrition. Let’s look at the effects of what we’re doing on people’s bodies,” and so […]


Dentures vs Implants

The most basic definition of a denture is basically just two pieces of plastic or other material used in place of teeth used to grind and mash food.  A bit simplistic and outdated, but for someone without teeth, it’s better than nothing at all… or subsisting on a liquid and soft foods diet. Better than […]


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