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Archive for January, 2014

Patch Adams: Holistic Healing P4

So what does one do? I’m a nonviolent person. I will not defend my family, so I have nothing but ideas and example as a way of addressing that. I can’t rise up. I recently saw this [inaudible] movie, Steven [inaudible] film on [inaudible], almost five hours film. And you know, [inaudible] had a very […]


Patch Adams: Holistic Healing P3

I find out that his birthday is in a few weeks. I would be surprised that he lives to his birthday, but I swim in and give him a kiss. And then I have a fish puppet. I put it on his hand. You will eventually see that he can’t hold it up, he must […]


Patch Adams: Holistic Healing P2

Now, where in human society is there a mandate to be loving? And certainly the loudest in history has come from the religions. What is Christ’s message? Get off your butt and love people. It’s maybe not exactly that quote, but postmodern Christ. And Buddha? You know, be compassionate. The highest calling of your god, […]


Patch Adams: Holistic Healing

see the video here: Male: Patch Adams. Patch: Thank you. So many clowns. Maybe we should just go out and clown in Mexico City. Great. Buenos noches. I must use the few words of Spanish that I know, so I can say something. Thank you for coming. I see a lot of new faces […]


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